Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Sickness So Debonair

This is my different shade of jealousy,
An ascot so chartreuse and an air of vanity.

There are holes in my tuxedo shirt
Where the knife still hides.
A knife from my miscalculation of "important things".
But, my pinstripe suit and cavalier grin
Keep the fact below my chary eyes.
After all, you can't see
The flux in my fabric
Where the pounds were shed.

So, let us toast to my dear friends, Misery and Doubt.
May they keep my make-up suave and smiling
For your sake, as well as mine.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Pourad Who Didn't Care For Shoes

Have you ever heard of the Pourads?

Years ago before you were born, when the great rock puppies played, and every evergreen tree grew a mustache, There lived the quite petite and quite queer Pourads. While they weren't like you and I, they were fairly similar. they had two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet like you and I. However, what made these characters so queer was that they always wore three shoes... sometimes more! For, you see, the Pourads love shoes. All sorts of shoes. Blue shoes, pink shoes, horse shoes, shoe flies, and even sun-dried shoes and pickled shoes. While this may be a rumor, I heard of a Pourad named Tia Climpton that once found a way to wear TWENTY-THREE shoes! I can only imagine how she put so many shoes on... None the less, they loved shoes and this was very apparent in all they made and did. The sculptors sculpted with shoes, the painters painted shoes (both on a shoe as well as pictures of shoes), and, of course, all their houses and furniture were made of shoes.

While all the Pourads talked about the latest shoes they made or played kickball, there was one Pourad named Anthony Douglass that didn't really care for shoes. He'd rather draw pictures in the grass of things he sees in the sky or ask the mustached trees about all the things they've seen and the legends that lived beneath their shade, like the Wishing Fish or the memory of the Sun and Moon. When neither Anthony or the trees had anything else to say, the trees would help Anthony climb to the top branch so he could watch the great rock puppies play as the Sun yawned and said goodnight to his friend and love, looking as long he could until he slipped out of view.

Don't get me wrong, Anthony was cared for by all the Pourads. He wore his 3 shoes even if they were a year old. While he didn't care about the latest fashion, there was another reason he didn't have the newest shoes. He never had new shoes because he was the only Pourad that couldn't make a pair of shoes. The Pourads, while disappointed, never looked down on Anthony Douglass because he couldn't make a pair of shoes. They actually did everything they could to help him learn to make his own, teaching him their tricks and explaining the latest styles. But the Pourads were upset that Anthony never tried to learn to make shoes. Each Pourad did their best to help him become a proper Pourad, but Anthony would much rather draw his pictures in the grass and talk with the mustached trees.

But, all the Pourads, from Gloria Fairland to Harold Stinkinship, loved the great rock puppies. They were as much a part of their sky as we would call the city lights or the rabbit-shaped clouds is a part of ours. As the great rock puppies played, the Pourads carried on about their day. They were rarely watched, but their presence was always known. The great rock puppies often played their games all day, and after the Sun would try to kiss the Moon goodnight, they would go to sleep along with the Pourads, forming great rocky mountains as they cuddled and huddled together for warmth. and as the Moon would leave, the Sun opening his eyes would wake the great rock puppies and they'd being to play again. It was like clock work. Each day and night the same as the one before and the one to come.

One day though, the Pourads realized that the great rock puppies, while at play, were slowly becoming sadder and less playful each day. They didn't want the great rock puppies to stop playing or leave, so they held a town meeting. After discussing the issue, they realized that the puppies needed a brand new pair of shoes, for everyone is happier with a new pair of shoes. This made everyone really excited. The Pourads had never done anything so unified and great that they couldn't think of what to do. What style? Who would design them? How many great rock puppies were there? As the Pourads started to decide who was going to do what, Anthony went back to talk with the mustached evergreen trees. Knowing the evergreen trees had bountiful knowledge tucked inside their mustaches, he asked the trees, "Why are the great rock puppies so sad?"

"Well," one tree explained, "Years ago before you or any of your kind were born; Before the Sun and the Moon were needed to keep track of time, they used to walk among us. They'd sing songs and paint each others portrait on the reflection of the water. I recall the first time they held hands. It was also their last, because they never let go until the day Time started. They were, and still are, in love, but now they never have time for each other any more. They are too busy doing their jobs to have time for simple affairs. I remember helping them climb up to our top branches so they could watch the great rock puppies play, as well. The great rock puppies, who were much smarter back then, used to put on plays and tell stories that only they could dream of.."
"Can you tell me any of the stories they told?" Anthony asked. He always loved a good story.
"I could never tell them as they did," the trees sighed, "But if you can reunite the Sun and the Moon, then the great rock puppies will gladly tell some more, I can assure you."
This intrigued Anthony. Such a spectacle sounded absolutely marvelous to him and he couldn't help but ask the trees, "How could I reunite the Sun and the Moon?"
"Ohh," one tree laughed, "I suppose you could catch the Wishing Fish." The other trees laughed, for they knew the Wishing Fish was a mischievous fish and they remembered all the trouble he's caused the woods in which they lived.
"How can I catch one?" Anthony asked. He was becoming more and more interested in these stories, but mostly the adventure that could ensue.
This caused concern amongst the trees. "Now listen, my boy..." another tree said, "The Wishing Fish is not to be toyed with. He has answered many wishes, but has also broken many hearts. It was the Wishing Fish that separated the Sun from the Moon; It was by his hand that they can no longer hold hands. The Wishing Fish, being a very useful creature, can bring great joy, but if asked improperly, will exploit any hole left unfilled within your wish."
"But, I know what I want," Anthony begged, "and I promise you that nothing will happen to you before it happens to me. Will you tell me the secret to catching the Wishing Fish?"
The mustached trees looked at each other and pondered. Eventually, one spoke up and said, "We will tell you, but you may not catch it without our permission, for we are the key to catching the Wishing Fish... In order to catch the Wishing Fish, you must shave one of our mustaches and feed it to the river. Only then will the Wishing Fish will come."
"But..." Anthony stuttered, "Your mustaches are what let you talk; what keep you alive. I don't know if I could do that to anyone of you..."
"Then think hard," A tree spoke sternly, "For this wish you want is our gift to you for your friendship. Be wise and come back after thinking about it."

Anthony headed home and thought. He was starting to forget exactly what it was he wished for, but he did know that the Sun and the Moon deserved to be together and the great rock puppies deserve to be happy. As he made his way into the town, his friend Amelia Gracefelt said, "Guess what?! We have the most amazing shoes we are about to make for the great rock puppies! you should come see our design." Anthony had nothing better to do and didn't want to hurt Amelia's feelings, so he followed her to the town hall to see the plans.
After seeing the plans, he couldn't help but admire the handiwork of his family and friends. They were going to be beautiful shoes and asked Amelia, "Where are you going to get the material to do all this?"
"We are going to make them with the latest trend..." Amelia said excitedly, "Evergreen mustaches. They will be the most fashionable shoes ever created by the Pourads!"
This frightened Anthony. How was he going to make his wish with all the evergreen tree's mustaches gone? His friends would become nothing but sticks with green growing from their branches... "Where are all the Pourads?" Anthony shouted.
"Why, they are off to fetch the mustaches so we can start sewing the great rock puppies' shoes right away." Amelia said.
Anthony ran out the door and left for the trees, wishing that he wasn't too late... but, he was.

As Anthony looked at all the trees, all their mustaches missing, he shouted over and over, "Hello? Are you awake?"
As he listened intently for a response, he heard something... "Anthony Douglass? Is that you? Come over here!" He ran toward the tree. It was the last one with a mustache. "Anthony... they are shaving all our mustaches off. I'm the last one left."
Anthony told the tree, "I know what I want to wish for... May I have your mustache?"
The tree looked into Anthony's eyes and said, "...You may. Please, wish wisely." As he said this, the tree closed his eyes, his mustache falling to the ground, and said nothing else. The forest was now silenced.
Anthony took the mustache and headed toward the river. As he looked into the skyline, the great rock puppies were sadder than before, merely walking in circles, and looking to the trees with somber faces. While they weren't as smart as they used to be, they know the last of their friends have left. All that was left a lonely sun, waiting for his shift to end. Anthony, full of anger towards the Pourads, threw the mustache into the river. After a few seconds, he heard humming coming from the water. All of a sudden, the Wishing Fish leaped from the river towards Anthony, screaming, "Why... HELLO, Mr. Peculiar! I'd love to bake a cake for you and your charming hat!"
Anthony didn't like what was coming from the Wishing Fish, but he knew what he had to do... "You are the Wishing Fish, aren't you?"
"Well... Does the Sun miss the Moon?" The Wishing Fish asked.
"Very much so..." Anthony replied.
"Then, 'Very much so'!" The Wishing Fish giggled. "I am quite, indeed, and truly the Wishing Fish you wished to fish for."
Anthony was in shock at how silly and mean the Wishing Fish was, but he knew what he had to do... "I need to make a wish," he said.
The Wishing Fish grinned, "I'm sorry, but i believe that is the improper way to ask for a wish from this fish..." The great rock puppies had stopped moving entirely, sitting on their hind legs, waiting and watching to see what would become of the exchange. "First, in order to get anywhere with me, you must speak in some sort of nonsensical fashion, So please, say something outlandish, but don't mumble."
Anthony paused, swallowed, and spoke, "The time has come in which my thumb is pressed down between your fins, silence your grins so I may wish to this fish."
The Wishing Fish was quite pleasant with the participating nature of Anthony. "That's more like it," he said, "Now, sit. Don't quit... Please tell this fish your wish's wish."
Anthony looked to the sky, the great rock puppies and the Sun alike, then asked the fish, "I will swish my wish when my fish, my friend speaks first of the cursed thirst the Sun and Moon share which hurts. Their hands were held, they dwelled with evergreen trees with their mustache leaves. Yet, trees let them wish to this fish whom i dish and serve... oh the nerve! How could you do? you, who two came to?"
"Well," the fish said, "to tell the truth, the youth who grow so cold and old as they chase through space... to me, they came, they knew my name. I did as I was told.. Why are you so cold?"
Anthony was getting angrier and angrier at the Wishing Fish. "Wishing Fish, I wish this fish tells these shoes, of pinks and blues, what wish..."
"...What?" the Wishing Fish asked, "Are you, a year old shoe, of pale and fading blue, wishing to wish for what they wished?"
Anthony took a deep breath... "Yes, I am, my fish friend, Sam."
"My name is not Sam," the fish replied, "but Graham.. you ham. But none the less, yes... your wish from this fish shall come, now eat your dish..." The Wishing Fish sighed as he recalled the story of the Sun and Moon's discontent, "The Moon and Sun wished for fun... That they could chase one another in space; that colors would gloriously come and fade as they played their game; A game named 'Time.' And as they'd fall and climb, playing their game named Time, that people could watch them play and say, 'Hey, how grand that by their hand we know what time it is...'"
Anthony was confused by his response. Why would the Sun and Moon wish for such a silly thing? And so he said, "Fish, I wish that this fish explains... the pains are as great as my hate for this now lifeless estate."
But the Wishing Fish shook his fin, "No, now, Pish Pash... Please, another mustache..."
Anthony started to tear up. He was sad that by wishing so foolishly, all the world would change. For, No one knew this, but the now lifeless trees were what fueled the Pourads. They were a source of intellect. Without them, The Pourads were but mice and the great rock puppies were but mountains. Anthony turned and headed back to his town, deeply upset. As he sauntered home, the great rock puppies lowered their heads down, ready to slumber and whined as the Sun continued to tell Time. They weren't ready for this to end. After all, they had prepared a play...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Something I've Never Meant To Say

Real lovers.
Fictitious romances.

Our affairs weren't cliché kisses and coitus,
But simple suggestions of where we should eat
Or which side of me you'll sit on in the theater.
Our dates consist of what was never said.
Our fights formed from imagined issues.
Even though I can't help but remember
What you didn't whisper in my ear
That night from the 7th story balcony,
We have grown far apart.
But somehow, we are closer than we are in my mind.

I'm sorry, my acquaintance, what were you saying?
I was a little sidetracked...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

His Madame, Her Malady

I used to lie in silk sheets
While the window leaked in the daylight.
As the blue birds came into view,
Soon He came, too.
A deep inhale and a radiating glow
Are what I remember as His fingers
Ran through my hair,
my glorious air.
The presence of his face brought
A smile to mine.
He looked into my closed eyes and told me,

"You look so pretty..."

Now I lie in cotton sheets
While the window leaks in the nightlife.
As the blue moon comes into view,
Soon He came, too.
An IV and a hospital bed
Are what I know as His fingers
Run through my "hair".
(more through the air)
The presence of his face brings
Tears to mine.
He looks into my closed eyes and tells me,

"You look so pretty..."

I will soon lie on velveteen sheets
While the window leaks in the absence of life.
As the blue assembly comes into view,
Soon he'll come, too.
My favorite dress and lilies
Are what I am as His fingers
Run through my hair.
I'm without air.
The presence of his face brings
Nothing to mine.
He'll look into my closed eyes and tell me,

"You look so pretty..."

Make-Shift Friend

A grey paint
Covers the black and blue night.
Somewhere in my culdesac,
A puddle catches my glance
At the only moon awake tonight.
A lamp post
Waxing and waning
An irregular pattern

I'm tired, my good friend.
I see you are, too.
Thanks for staying up with me.

"You're Welcome..."

Writer's Note- This is for my former CWP teacher, Mrs. Morris. Happy Birthday. Sorry it's "sad".

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Star on a String

There was a bright star
That hung so high and far
Above the blue and green sea,
Held by a string for all to see.

Lying on his bed made of cloud,
He couldn't help but feel proud
Of his looks as he'd stare so fond
At his reflection in the pond.

Hoping for a better look of his face,
He got out of bed and came down from space.
But, as he stared at his light in the drink,
His string came loose and began to sink.

He fell deeper until almost left unseen,
Surrounded and recolored with blue and green,
Swimming with sea horses and gold starfish,
Too tired to see his cloud, but not to wish.

Now, he's the bright sitting on the ocean,
Leaving you to believe he's a reflection
Of the sun that we all love to see
As he prays for his cloud and less vanity.

Writer's Note- I may fine tune it because I'm not 100% happy with how it is, but i'm a bit lazy. I love the story it tells enough that i'm posting it's raw form and now when you see the sun shining on the ocean's surface, you know it isn't the sun, but a star that was a tad to vain.

Ps- i might add more to the story period besides fine tuning, but we'll see how i recieve it upon reflection...

*Traveling Muses*

She was so beautiful

Until She opened her mouth

And took a drag...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Minstrel, My Dear

i wrote and recorded this awhile ago (ok, a month or 2 ago). call it what you will, but it is quite simple.

If requested, I will post the lyrics. but know this, "This is my first song and it's from me to you, and I hope that's enough for you."

PS- ignore the last minute or 2. when the song is over, it's over. it was part of a different project that is on hold, but got in here somehow. i apologize for the annoying tease, of sorts.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Skewed View

The snow looks like ash,
Dying on the side of the road.
But really, all it took was
A little sunshine
A new shade of abhorrence.