Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Think This Is How I Feel

Have you ever wanted to sing a song,
But the words wouldn't come out?
That you wish you could shout
and the words are simply profound,
Followed closely by celestial sound?

No Idea

No Melody

Tonight isn't my night to tell a story...

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Cloud Rabbit and Not-So-Cloud Sheep (Work-In-Progress)

Once upon a sky on a near perfect day, there lived a cloud rabbit. The cloud rabbit loved being a cloud rabbit; he could fly longer and higher than any bird could without ever getting tired and was never confined to any sort of restricting space except space itself. Unfortunately for the cloud rabbit, he knew that a near perfect day meant that he'd be the only one in the sky; All the cloud badgers and cloud turtles had gone home, waiting for another day to come out and play. The cloud rabbit frolicked for most of the morning, but soon became bored with the lack of opportunities that come with being alone. After drifting for a short while, he came about the prettiest green cloud he'd ever seen, considering it was the only green cloud he'd ever seen. Now, it is known to most that green clouds are a tad... smoggy, but the cloud rabbit was naive enough that whatever he didn't recognize, he wanted to eat. He took a bite from cloud grass and only a few moments later realized how terrible it tasted, spitting and coughing out whatever would come out. The cloud rabbit sighed at his tremendous amount of misfortune he had experienced through out his day and became so sad that he wanted to cry. However, every good cloud knows that you must not cry, or else you will lose a part of yourself and it may never come back. As the cloud rabbit contemplated his dilemma, he looked down at the sky of another kind and saw rolling green hills with "clouds" grazing, each looking quite content with it's patch of sky. The cloud rabbit watched for a while and thought, "I should go down there and taste some of that grass..."