Thursday, July 16, 2009

Arthur Jacob Reynolds

An age he will never commemerate.
An epitaph wasn't made for the son whose
Mother was an unfortunate one and whose
Father was a rapist

Curled in the corner of his cell.
A burden to some and a blessing by others.
Plugged into a wall socket by a cord barely holding on.
He prayed every moment that his mother would
Deliver him
From the bloodly walls that held him in,
Hoping for her embrace moment by moment.

But, Mother wanted
To do with him.

She was able to authorize his execution.
It was close enough to legal.
Mother was saddened to do it, but she couldn't
Live with the memory of the Accident
In her son's eyes.

The Doctor came
The Serum injected

That was the Doctor's order.

Inside the prison walls,
He was contemplating what sights he'd see
Once he'd open his eyes.
Then he felt it.
He tasted his burning flesh.
Clawing to crawl out,
Gums gnaw at the feeling
Of holocaustal success.
Still connected to a wall socket,
He could't kick anymore.

Mother knew it was finished.
That's all she could do.

The sun set twice.

Scissors sat next to the bathroom sink.
As sharp as they are, Not even they
Could forsee what they'd do tonight.
Mother had to urinate.
Before she knew it, He came.
A prisoner released attached
To a wall socket inside.
Mother couldn't bear the sight.
He coudn't see anything.
Not the color of his seared skin
Or the terror in Mother's eyes.

That's all the scissors remember.

Cut from his noose
"A free man"
Mother buried him in the bowl
Where she laid her waste to rest.


Sunday, July 12, 2009


A flame fell over the horizon,
Followed by livid lilac smiles
And the sun's salmon-shaded shadows.

A new king's coming.
The blue above bows,
bending to a darker hue.

Creatures concede his supremecy,
Closing their eyes
In reverence to his reign.

Lowered heads lie on sunset beds
And cool air claims the atmosphere.

This is the Night.
A diamond-crested crown on his brow
And Moon-jeweled septor across his lap.

He sits upon his throne an emperor,
Submitting only to God and a sunlit sky.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Abnormal Workouts

I like to think of myself as an artist, and I'm expanding into 2 new mediums, film and comedy. My attempt to be simply funny and a tribute to the pinnacle of what was silly to me as a child.. workout videos.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Lamentable Tale of the Button Buccaneer

If you look upon the blue
With fresh eyes, a fresh new view
Forget what you know 
Forget what you knew

You'll learn a tale you'll beg to hear
Of a man who loved his dear
And something else too
The Button Buccaneer

He sailed the seas and sang of sins
Like taking candy from some twins
But more than those
He'd steal and sing of buttons

Small, square, shaped like a chair
Big, round, ones that make sound
As long as it fastened
He found it fascinating

He stopped a ship that held the Queen
Sneering and jeering so obscene
He came for the clasps
She should have thought him so mean

Taking buttons oh so pleasant
He saw a so lovely servant
And her rhinestone squares
She gave one as a present

He meant to take her with him, though
Once he grabbed her, "Let me go"
She asked so nicely
Buttons never responded so

Felt bad, he stormed off so sad
Shoved off, the Queen simply scoffed
Calling him a mouse
But she held her blouse

Now her button's on his arm
He prays he never caused her harm
Wants to meet again
Once again with a tad more charm

He'd remove it from his sleeve
If she'd take it and believe
"I'm so so sorry.
Will you come with me when I leave?"

He'd never find her and never quit
But he has what he wanted to get
Buttons and buttons
In buckets, buckets, and buckets

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

About Cats

"A Cat contended crawling across Kansas..."
Can cats crawl?
Cats can climb...
Can't recall a case of crawling cats.
A cast of cats climbed in the concert "Cats".
A couple crawled.
A cat called Cassandra climbed in Cats.
Could've crawled...
Clemente's character was Coricopat "Cats"
...on Broadway.
Alliterations are annoying, eh? Anyway...
The question's "Can cats crawl"...
Can cats crawl?
...Of course cats can crawl!
Cats crawled in "Cats"!
Can cats crawl across Kansas?
I couldn't conceive Cassadra crawling across Kansas.
Or Coricopat.
Could Clemente, commonly called Coricopat, climb across Kansas?
Sorry for sounding silly.
As I was reciting, "A Cat contended crawling across Kansas...
but couldn't."