Monday, November 24, 2008

I L*ve You

An embrace between his and her concealment,
the sound of avowal caught behind their teeth.
The willow trees keep their secret obscure
In a place where release is left unsung.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Rain Will Come

The sky is welling up.
This is definitely a tragic affair.

The Husband stands outside the department store window.
His love in one hand and his wife in the other,
He kisses his insatiable iniquity as he draws the Wife close.
His adulterous hold sickens the Mannequin,
An audience in a floral dress.
The window keeps the Mannequin from speaking,
So she watches a betrayal unfold
In silence.

The Wife loves the Husband more than anything.
With every breath taking her further away,
She exhales to bring them closer.

The Husband wishes he can say the same.
With each drag of his cannabis whore,
He holds the sin in.

The Wife, in a familiar floral fabric,
Prays for a little of the affection.
So, he tucks his love where it belongs,
Behind her back.

The Mannequin, in the same floral fabric,
Prays for a little animation.
Yet she remains unmoved
and holds back the tears until the sky cries first.

The Wife doesn't see the Mannequin's face,
She's blinded by the shoulder of her husband and her eyelids.
But the Husband sees the downcast expression.

The sky can't hold back the tears anymore.
The forecast didn't call for evening misery...

The Husband sees the tears of the Mannequin
Falling down her face on the department store window.
Conviction too strong for love, he drops his lust
And holds his wife a little tighter.
His eyes apologize to the Mannequin's,
but are left unforgiven.

The Husband and the Wife leave the scene of guilt.
And the Mannequin is left with the sight of a used stick of love,
An ember still glowing where the whore was left unkissed.
But the cannabis whore is not worried,
She knows he'll come back for more when the Wife goes to sleep.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Yuck (I'm a Liar)

She is gross.

Her cubby next to mine,
her poop-brown pigtails smell like a cat's butt.

As we enter the cafeteria, I swear
she farted, Mrs. Johnson, it wasn't me.

A dead fish sandwich from a princess lunch box
make me gag as her lips surround a wonder bread coffin.

A lunch recess and the thought of her
help me vomit the color of her dress.

her hideous laugh makes me cringe
as the sound comes out of perfect pearls.

Four-squares become one when she gallops by,
Playing "Ponies" on playground pavement and grassy hills.

Her name haunts me just thinking of it.
Rosanne Vavrosky, ugly and stupid..

A button nose on her face,
running like her "Alice in Wonderland" shoes.

wiping the snot from her nose, I must confess
I love the button nose on her pretty face...

She is gross.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


this is for the fans...

I just finished "The Cloud Rabbit and Not-So-Cloud Sheep". all it took was telling it "freestyle". so, while it's not at it's finest, this is it. raw. this is for the readers. tell your children...

Evan: want me to tell you the story?

i already have a majority of it

Samantha: ..yes

since it is a kid story


once upon a sky

there was a cloud rabbit roaming the sky

he was a happy cloud rabbit

but was lonely since, there were no clouds around

it being a near perfect day and all

as it played around in the sky, it became rather tired and spotted a patch of cloud grass

it even had a smoggy green tint to it

so the cloud rabbit took a bite...

and coughed and coughed

gagging on the smog that he'd taken a bite of

quite lonely and hungry

he looked down to find a beautful green hill with clouds flocking

he thought "oh! food and friends!"

so after much thought, he decided to leave his sky to the sky below

when he got down there, he found the clouds to be not-so-cloud sheep

they were grazing and looked up to be quite confused by the sight of the cloud rabbit

"who are you" they asked

"I'm a cloud, like you" the cloud rabbit replied

"you aren't like us," they retorted. "you have big ears and your legs are a lot thicker than ours."

"oh," the cloud rabbit said. "well, can i play with you guys?"

"i don't know..." they said. "you aren't really one of us, and we aren't allowed to play with animals that aren't like us."

this made the cloud rabbit very sad..

so, the cloud rabbit began to cry

and you and I both know that when clouds cry, they rain tears..

after many tears have ran down the cloud rabbit's face, he noticed his ears grew a lot smaller

and his legs became a lot thinner..

after the cloud rabbit saw his reflection in a puddle of his tears, he stopped crying..

because he noticed he looked EXACTLY like his not-so-cloud friends

the not-so-cloud sheep noticed this, and said, "wait a minute.. maybe you are one of us..

"would you like to play with us?" they asked

this made the cloud rabbit very happy.

"of course!" the cloud rabbit exclaimed

so, the now not-so-rabbit cloud and not-so-cloud sheep roamed the field on the now perfect day

not a cloud in the sky

they played many games

they ran and hopped in the flowers of the not-so-rabbit cloud's favorite sky

he never wanted to leave this beautiful place

after playing for the whole day, it was becoming nighttime

the not-so-cloud sheep started to yawn.

but as we know, there is no such thing as night and day to a cloud

"why are you yawning?" the not-so-rabbit cloud asked.

"because we are tired from playing all day and must sleep during the night" they replied

"ok," the not-so-rabbit cloud sighed. "can we play tomorrow?"

"Certainly." they replied

"ok, good night!" said the not-so-rabbit cloud

"good night!" said the not-so-cloud sheep

so, the not-so-rabbit cloud went back up to the sky and waited for the sun to come back

he was so excited to play with his new friends he had made!

as the night went on, the not-so-rabbit cloud heard a light calling to him...

"RABBIT...Rabbit...rabbit..." the light echoed

"Is that"

"Who is it?" the not-so-rabbit cloud shouted back.

"It's" the light responded, much closer than before.

"OH!" the not-so-rabbit cloud exclaimed.

he turned and saw his good friend, Gayle, smiling at him

"Gayle! how are you!" the not-so-rabbit cloud asked. he was excited to see his favorite star.

"I'm alright..." the star replied.

"what's wrong?" he replied.

"not much, It's just i'm the only star out tonight and it's quite lonely up here." she said.

"I'm sorry," the not-so-rabbit cloud comforted. "I had a lonely day as well, but I made some wonderful friends today!"

"Really?" Gayle asked. "does this have anything to do with your new appearance? you are missing your ears and your legs are thinner..."

"oh yes!" the not-so-rabbit cloud remembered, then went on to tell Gayle about his adventure that day, from the disgusting cloud grass to the not-so-cloud sheep to his raindrop tears to the beautiful flowers.

"well well.." the star said. "you seem to be quite busy.."

"oh, i was!" he said. "and we are going to play tomorrow"

and as the not-so-rabbit cloud said this, the sun started to creep over the hills he had become so fond of.

"oh i'm sorry!" he said, "but I must be going! my friends are waiting to play with me."

"oh, it's fine.." Gayle replied. "Go have fun. I'll just be right here... As i always am..." Gayle sighed

but it was too late

the not-so-rabbit cloud had fled to his playground to meet with his friends

"Hello, everyone!" the not-so-rabbit cloud exclaimed. he was very happy to see everyone again.

"Hello!" the not-so-cloud sheep responded.

"Hey! we are going to go to the lake and swim, are you coming?" they asked

"I'd be delighted!" the not-so-rabbit cloud said

had never been to "a lake" before

he didn't even know what one was!

but, he followed the not-so-cloud sheep to the lake none the less

after seeing the lake, it reminded him of the puddles his tears make, but that didn't seem to stop the cloud from enjoying his time

as they all leaped into the lake, the not-so-cloud sheep started to stare at the not-so-rabbit cloud..

"what's wrong?" the cloud asked.

"what happened to your ears?" they responded.

the cloud looked into the lake to find his ears were back, and larger than ever!

"I don't know!" the cloud rabbit said..

he was frightened

not only was he... but so were his "friends"

the not-so-cloud sheep started to swim away from the cloud rabbit

this made the cloud rabbit very sad.

why were his friends leaving him?

was it only because of his ears?

were they the source of their fear, or was it because he didn't look like him

this made the cloud rabbit cry much more than before

but, he wasn't losing his ears like he thought he would.

little did he know that the lake kept him much like his normal self

after finding little joy in swimming in his tears, he headed back to the sky to sigh and reflect on his "lovely" adventures with his not-so-cloud sheep "friends"

as he sat in the sky, a sweet light whispered in his ear...

"what's wrong?"

after a long sigh, the cloud rabbit replied.

"I just lost my friends..."

"I'm sorry," Gayle said, giving the cloud rabbit a soft, warm, embrace.

"If it's anything," Gayle sighed, "I've been alone for a while as well."

"most of the stars are around during the day, but i am

"then why are you here?" the cloud rabbit asked.

"because I am your friend," the star said. "and I enjoy your company and playing with you."

this made the cloud rabbit very happy...

yet very sad...

"Why didn't I just spend my time with Gayle? She loved me and was my friend even when I was a cloud rabbit..." he thought to himself

"I will never leave you again..." the cloud rabbit told her.

and from that day on, they never left each others company

and that's why sometimes... during the night sky,

you can see a single cloud and a star dancing together

because they have eachother

and love eachother very much...


the end

Samantha: :):) awwwww(WWWWWW)!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Cliche Kid

I'm the Cliche Kid.

Roll out the red carpet,
The creme de la creme is here
to sing you to sleep with sweet lullabies;
a different kind of music to your ears.

I'm a winning combination of pen and paper.
In my profession, ignorance is bliss,
and I'm here to "hear" your comments and concerns
so I can put them on my "To Do" list.

Can you hear the angels sing?
They are singing my songs,
written for queens and kings
of royal thrones and ancient legacies.

Watch me wave my magic wand.
This isn't the same old song and dance.
I speak original material off the top of my head.
You must be seeing things, I'm not that redundent.

Can you wrap your mind around my brilliance?
you hear the words coming out of my mouth,
but are you just smiling and nodding?
All I say is give genius a chance

Get it?

Probably not. After all...
I am the Cliche Kid.