Sunday, March 8, 2009

Something I Can't Quite Explain

Where do the Popes and Priests confess? -Evan Adent

Meet Gerard.

Gerard has a lot of things to say.

He lives his lies a little louder than the day before (just so everyone feels more comfortable).

But Gerard is afraid of truth.

More than just the truth of what will happen, but the truths inside that make his lies harder to keep confidently..

Gerard finds the lies too tiring to tell and the truths to resistant to repress that he stitched his smile into place.

But soon, the thread will whither and the scissors will sharpen.

And if the scissors stay in their conveniently dull state, the moths will come like the rain to wash away what shouldn't stay.

A flood of truth will flow to the tundra from foreign tongues.

But for now, Etiquette and Formality keep Gerard's eyes bright and teeth shining.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A One-Sided Exchange

I am holding you so tight
That I can't feel your arms.
I never could,
But I've never minded.
The fact that you've stayed was
Enough proof
That you feel what I "feel"
That you "give" what I give
That you "have" what I have

I don't mind loving you more
Than you "love" me,
But I dream that this
Implied embrace
Would find it's way around me
In a more tangible fashion.
Let's just say that
Even though my back will
Catch the breeze,
I'm wishing
While the clock is flashing
On the last day
11:12 PM