Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guilt Sinks In

A leather booth harbors something ruttish,
My vanity accentuated by a two tone suit and vest.
Across the blur, I spot sex in Sunday's best.
Smothering a cigarette, I have a lust to extinguish.

A Pair of Legs follows my hand to the floor.
Pride diminishes as we step "in time".
Compassion dripping down their thigh
They smiled, but in a place I didn't see before...

Fixation follows their form to her face.
How could they distract me from her beauty?
Her cordial spirit spoke, "My name is Lindsey."
Her name shook conviction into it's place.

The Christ within condemns my sin,
As my canonical guilt sinks in...

(Writer's note- I hope people make the connection between this and the haiku, "My Name is Lindsey", since the haiku is a prequel that says the same thing as this in a far more subtle and unrecognizable way. hope you take something away from it.)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Haiku week...

you know how if you buy an album on iTunes, you get an extra song not on the CD? This post is kinda like that.. My poetry class is reading these, except you get an extra suprise, simply because I love you guys.

"My Name is Lindsey"
On the ballroom floor,
A Pair of Legs are swaying,
Calling me to Them.

That's Odd...

Good afternoon, Moon.
You're more pale than usual.
Is that natural?

The Bonus Track

A three year old song,
playing over in my head,
For the past three years...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Creature Without a Heart

Cuddling in a comforter,
My sheep approach the fence for roll call.

But a noise shot the sheep...

"Who's there?" I whimper.

The Creature Without a Heart,
Clawing on the closet door,
Banging and begging , "Let me free from my cursed cage!"

Fear prevented me from answering,
Fear that my only protection was a comforter and parental reassurance.

"You are not real."
(so they tell me)

Cackling in the prison cell,
The Creature Without a Heart sneered with sound,
Beckoned with his breathe, and taunted me,
"Let me out and prove it..."

Fear transformed.
A slaughtered herd in my mind.
By their blood-stained fleece,
I had too many sleepless nights.

"Fine! I'm coming for you."

The Creature Without a Heart covered his mouth,
(He didn't mean to squeal)

With no comforter, I approached the Creature.
My heart larger than his empty chest,
I opened his gate to a familiar sight,
Corduroys, my favorite jeans, and button-up shirts.

Heartless Creature
I didn't know you were lacking a spine as well...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Magic to Magick

Stop laughing.

Your sunset smile will kick in soon enough.

The joy you are feeling is merely an imbalance;
It will bring you to your knees when you fall
from that glorious throne you've climbed so
to achieve.

Drink it slowly
Chew before you swallow
Let the Magic's juices drown your foolish tongue
in utter ecstasy.

The doll in the corner felt the same way as you
before she lost her stuffing;
Before her voice box fell out.
Now, her sweet cinnamon hair covers the sunset smile
you never wished to see.

But you don't care,
because you can't stop laughing.


Stop laughing.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

*Nostalgia in Unfamiliar Territory* (that isn't the title)

I'm providing a "sneak peek" to the people who read this because, apparently, more people than i know read these. it's just so hard to tell when my words lack responses, not that i care. FYI- this is "my work" at its rawest form. only a few lines of inspiration. so, if you keep your eyes pealed on this, you can probably figure out how i come up with all this.

I've found my childhood
in a place I haven't been.
Electronic vanilla doesn't welcome me
nor the ancestor smile through a glass prison.

The Reluctent Dragon is smiling at me,
but he's not faking this performance.