Saturday, March 8, 2008

what rhymes with gone?

The sun is setting
I'm done betting
It definately ain't coming back.

down is the sun
it's done
no more fun
for this sun of a gun.

the moon is late
still on her date

she isn't coming, is she?
but if sun or moon won't be
as i sit atop this belfry
will this mystery
ever leave me?

Burn me, sun
or freeze me, moon.
just don't leave me here
to bathe in this lone tear.

i need you
i don't care what you do
hit me
hug me
curse me
coddle me
just be near
so i can hear
with my own ear
that you are here

i'm a broken toy
a crushed joy
don't be coy
you speak far too faint
to peel anymore paint
from the dainty frame.
i now have no shame
it floats in the bay
where we used to play

it was only yesterday...

please don't throw me away...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

List of Lily's Loopies

1.) Don't offer a sweater or jacket (scarfs ok)
2.) Don't whisper in her ear
3.) Analogies are a bad idea
4.) Puns are a worse idea
5.) Cream roses are the best. White roses are awful (there is a HUGE difference)
6.) Don't touch her face. She's far too ticklish.
7.) Quotes are incredibly not personal - therefore not real.
8.) "Go Away!" doesn't really mean go away, especially when you are in the middle of The Ghetto around midnight.
9.) She's afraid of heights.
10) "She's Always a Woman" by Billy Joel is "basically her favorite song..."
11.) You can't win. It's not allowed.
12.) How's it going to end?
13.) (Like this)...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Song of Sheer Impulse

Want to walk?
We can talk.
Give me a mile to make you smile.

The sun's setting.
There's no telling
If the church bell sounds our end as well.

Don't you want to know if this is over
Or if this light is simply our chauffeur

I know I do...

Should we be moving this bookend?
Will this tail chasing ever end?
I see a fat lady, but she ain't singing
and I see some pigs, but they ain't winging
that's why i won't stop bringing lyrics to your door
Do you want more?
Do you want more?

I know I do...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Heart has a Stutter My Tongue Can't Articulate

I went sailing today
Where circles never felt so straight.
The rubber was my sails
And the pavement was my sea.
The sky was my speakers;
And the stars sang its song
All reason was lost
And not bid adieu
For when did logic
Appreciate nonsensical company?
Reality will never make a home
For such a delightful ship;
Making an undelightful docking
For a vessel of dreams.