Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Say "Merry Christmas!" With Another Song (What Rhymes With "Time Machine"?)

Oh good golly, Molly G.
The perfect gift this year would be
A time machine.
Yes, a time machine.

Imagine everything I'd see
Watching all of history
With a time machine.
a polka-dotted time machine.

I could ride a dinosaur
And after time well spent,
I could dedicate a day
to each & every president.
Or better yet, I could pay my rent
On time
With a time machine.

Oh good golly, Molly G.
Would you please come fly with me
Through time
in a time machine.

Let Moses stop and part the Sea
As we float & look on safely
From a time machine.
My lovely time machine.

We could watch time from a faster flow
As the trees and lilies grow
Or we could take things slow
As the rain turns into snow.
But, really what i want to know
Is will you come with me
In my time machine?

Lets stop for the groom and bride
As they stand side by side
And look into each others eyes
At a future which will be just fine
And let them say their lines.

I must confess, Molly G.
That what i really want to be
With this time machine,
This gifted time machine

Is the man you needed who
Never did any wrong to you
Oh, I didn't mean
To need a time machine.

The hills will smile and sing along
While children play the fife.
A tune in time with perfect rhyme
to our perfect life
As we will be the man and wife
without a time machine
A stupid time machine.

Oh good golly, Molly G.
I'm sorry that we really
Need a time machine.
A necessary time machine...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So, how do you feel about me today?
Take a quarter.
Take your time.
Find your verdict with the face
Of a human or a beast.

I'm too tired to write a poem tonight because...

I recorded a song for a long time.

Here, you can listen to what has progressed of my wild song with the help of my friend, Aaron J. It could scare you... It will blow your mind.

(Note- after the "wait" is incomplete. styles are meant to change throughout the song. but you should get the gist... this person is on drugs...)

Sunday, December 21, 2008


my wisdom teeth pulling was postponed. but, i have LYRICS for my MUSICAL EXPERIENCE! it isn't really musical, and i don't know if i'd call it an experience, but it's a musical experience. here are the lyrics to an experience i've never had. but, i'll just make a response to how it really was.

Doctor Dear, My Wisdom, Please?

What do you smell?

I smell cherries...
Sweet peppermint cherries
With a twist of sunshine
And a dash of marzipan.


I smell strawberries.
Yes, this is strawberries.
Boy, I'm seeing strawberries.
cotton candy strawberry clouds.


Doctor Dear? Dear?
Dude, Doctor Dear?
Dude! What are you trying to pull?

"Why my child, your tooth, of course!"

Oh, my tooth... Oh My! my Tooth!
For sooth, my tooth is fine!
which tooth of mine?

"Why my child, the wisdom kind. Why, my child? do you mind?"

No, go ahead.

(musical break)

I feel gritty, oh so tickly
I feel tickly and bibbly and plight!
fa la blah da ga.
(bubble noise solo finish with opera girl voice)

"you mean 'pretty, oh so pretty.'"

Your a robot! you sound rather gay!

"yes I am, you see, I'm a doctor, see?
I'm happy i'm pulling your teeth!"

Oh NO!!!
my teeth!
what time, my teeth, must you be at school?

"Don't worry, no hurry, the school is raining drool
Classes are cancelled, see? are we getting...

A-long! along! along!
oh my we are getting along!
We're singing our songs on strawberry clouds
and we're all merrily singing

Along! along! along!
I forgot, dear, move it along!

I'm stuck in this whole!
I dont want to let go!

(Doctor and Me)
but you must, please, say goodbye!
good bye!
good bye!

I'll miss you, my wisdom, good bye!

Are we there yet?

you look like a walrus...

(the end)

Writer's Note- Wow... I'm suprised how fast this came out for not being on drugs and how much it sounds like an acid trip...

A Widow

My faucet has a leak.
I can hear the reminder
Landing in my ceramic sink
I have little to silence the alarm,
But I have half a bag of stale Oreos
And a carton of freshly-expired milk.
Will someone fix it?

My roof has a leak.
I can hear the reminder
Landing on my vinyl floor
I have little to silence the alarm,
But I have a 2 liters of Minute Maid lemonade
And a brand new conversation starter.
Will someone fix it?

My eyes have a leak.
I can hear the reminder
Landing on my velveteen skirt,
I have little to silence the alarm,
But i have a pair of somewhat celibate arms
And a hole in my heart big enough for one.
Will someone fix them?

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Friendly Reminder...

Prepare for a mind trip, as I am forcing myself to crank something out while under the effects of laughing gas and painkillers. you don't get that oppurtunity (legally) often...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Different Kind of Illusion

My Dear, may i have your affection, please?
Allow me to present a miracle or two...

Watch me take an awkward pause
and make the "kward" disappear
into the thin air we breath,
so that all that we can hear
is our contentment holding hands.

If I may borrow your beautiful brown eyes,
I'll turn a slight glance from across the room
to something a little more intimate,
a place where your iris can bloom
and that we may dance between each others gaze.

Next, I'd change a cat into a lion,
But I thought I'd do something impressive.
I believe i feel your knee resting on mine,
and with a gesture of charm, I'll bring alive
both our hands so they may rest where they belong.

Unfortunately, I left my top hat and cape
backstage next to where my confidence lies.
Don't worry though, I'll be back tomorrow
with lilies and rainbow-colored butterflies
spilling out my cuffs at your very own magic show.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A circus clown and chinese fireworks.

Putting on a tie to keep me down,
but it's doing it's job too well.
Can I untie this knot from my chest?

"Of course not! You know what happened last time..."
The Rabbit in the corner says as he helps me put on my vest.

Oh I do!
my taped-together heart remembers the last time
I let it fall from it's cage,
Its cursed, constricting cage.

Attaching my pocket watch,
the time tells me it's time
to make a wish.

I make the same wish...

just like i did the last time
the watch told me the time
7 minutes ago.
(I believe my wish is broken)

The Rabbit slaps my somber "smile" with my gloves...
"Get it together, you have a show to do!"
Smiling, he slips his "gentle reminder" onto my hand.

My platonic marriage meets me,
letting my hands sweat like hers.
(My reaction is emotional, hers is natural)

as I lead her to the party,
her clammy hand on mine,
the liquid leaking past the lace
reminds me why
she's the center of my affection.

Writer's note - you shouldn't get it. this is my personal "tie removal" if you do get it, well... impressive.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Rain Will Come Again

The Cast
The Husband
A lover with a wife on the side.

The Wife
A victim oblivious to the affair.

The Mannequin
An audience in plastic skin who sees what the Wife can’t see.

The Whore
A cigarette with a dash of apathy.

The Foreshadowing
The sky is welling up.
This is definitely a tragic affair.

The Story
The Husband stands outside the department store window.
His love in one hand and his wife in the other,
He kisses his insatiable iniquity as he draws the Wife close.
His adulterous hold sickens the Mannequin,
An audience in a floral dress.
The window keeps the Mannequin from speaking,
So she watches a betrayal unfold
In silence.

The Wife loves the Husband more than anything.
With every breath taking her further away,
She exhales to bring them closer.

The Husband wishes he can say the same.
With each drag of his nicotine whore,
He holds the sin in.

The Wife, in a familiar floral fabric,
Prays for a little of the affection.
So, he tucks his love where it belongs,
Behind her back.

The Mannequin, in the same floral fabric,
Prays for a little animation.
Yet she remains unmoved
and holds back the tears until the sky cries first.

The Wife doesn't see the Mannequin's face,
She's blinded by the shoulder of her husband.
But the Husband sees the downcast expression.

The sky can't hold back the tears anymore.
The forecast didn't call for evening misery...

The Husband sees the tears of the Mannequin
Falling down her face on the department store window.
Conviction too strong for love, he drops his lust
And holds his wife a little tighter.
His eyes apologize to the Mannequin's,
But are left unforgiven.

The Husband and the Wife leave the scene of guilt.
And the Mannequin is left with the sight of a used stick of love,
An ember still glowing where the whore was left unkissed.

The Epilogue

On the Husband’s back patio,
He and the Whore sit pleasured and satisfied,
Shaded from the crying eyes of the sky.
As a fool in a floral fabric dreams of her

Writer's Note- This is the original format i wished to use, but I found it a tad too... avant garde for my poetry class.