Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Almost Embarassed to Put This Up...

"The Very Rough Version of Captain Moon and the All-Star Parade"
By Me.

Cheer up, Charlie; don't lie in your tears.
The day is gone, let the night calm your fears.
I know the day's hold can make you weep,
but come with me and laugh yourself to sleep.

I'm Captain Moon, come out and play.
Escape the darkness and grim of the day.
Let all the sickness and sadness fade,
And march in my All-Star Parade.

March to the beat of the man with the cane.
We will not leave you 'til the end of our reign.
When the day returns to haunt, lead by the sun.
But when his time ends, we'll be back for more fun.


Join in and play, we need a good chime,
Step with the drummers, and keep in good time.
Watch the dancers leap and fly by,
Now, my friend, you're a diamond in the sky


Dance with me, Please don't flee. Remember now, you're one of us.
Day's not here, have no fear, Remember now, you're one of us


Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Story From Different Mediums

"Adopt Me? Adopt Us?"

Help me.
Help us.
We can’t breathe.
This torturous bubble surrounds us, taunting and teasing with the view of beauty;
Restricting movement, preventing our escape.

My mother left me.
Our mother left us.
She was young, that is all we know,
Judging from the small straps that held us lovingly and cruelly to her back.
And how carelessly she abandoned us for better things.

Why didn’t she keep me in her arms?
Why didn’t she keep us in her arms?
Didn’t she love us that much?
I think not.
I wish it weren’t so.

I am small.
We are small.
Both Brown, but of different shades,
Like brothers of different mothers,
Never doing what she did to us.

Will you be my mother?
Will you be our mother?
I will love you.
We will love you,
But don’t you leave us.

-Michael Evan Adent

"The Prologue"

I was walking through a damp, wet park one cold, early morning in Cannon Beach, OR when a man working there asked me, "do you want these?" he had in his hand a clear prison, with a yellow frame around it's childish geometry, and 2 matching yellow straps hanging from the back. Some call it a "backpack", but those of untainted perspective know it as "A Prison For The Inanimate." Inside, clearly exhibited inside were its 2 prisoners; a brown bear and a tan bear, each filled with the false, white, fluffy love that their former owner given them, and each slightly deflated from the harsh reality they were living. I felt some slight relief knowing that neither were alone, but still sorrow for their sad fate. "What about their owner?" I asked, believing that the jailkeeper cared enough for it's inmates to come back for them, but he responded to my dissatisfaction, "Look, if you don't take them, I'm throwing them away." That made my heart shutter at the thought of 2 innocent creatures being executed, and their only crime being the inability to hug a person back. i grabbed the bag from the man, like the protective mother bear i am. the man said, "have a nice day!" and i amused him, saying with all the strength i had, "you too." when i left the man's sight, i quickly grabbed the 2 from their cell, held them in my arms and sighed, "I'm sorry you were left." Not knowing how else to comfort them, i embraced them, trying to bring them worth to their near worthless existence. and in that embrace, i felt something no one will ever feel from them... a soft... but detectable... embrace...

-Michael Evan Adent

"The Author's Notes"

While some creative
License was taken, I swear
All is true as life.

-Michael Evan Adent

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Go to a carnival.
win win win that goldfish
just so we can let it go.

meet a mime
make him break
we will all laugh until people come

buy cheap toys
play with them until our laughs turn to tears
then give them to a child to watch their tears turn to laughs

drive with no purpose
singing songs we wish to sing
stopping for what we wish

we won't stop for reason,
but only for smiles and imagination,
until it becomes nine in the afternoon,
that's your curfew.

that is the adventure i wanted
so far, yet so far.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Robot Parents Make Clockwork Easy

They've been married for 30 years.

If their story is anything to base anything on, Love is a lot like clockwork. When little else but passion matters, time does nothing but transcribe the actions of that passion. But as passion fades, so does the need for time to follow that passion. If I may, the "Watch" Dog goes from being walked to the walker, carrying all those that hang to its leash into the great unknown. That is what has happened to these lovers. They went to a marriage counselor after noticing their awfully silly and trifle arguments grew in number and insignificance. The counselor suggested that they increase the amount of "intimacy" that they shared between eachother. As little as they valued the counselor or his advice, they decided to try his suggestion. So everyday at 8 PM, they would watch TV and sit next to each other quite snugly, but not necesarrily lovingly, on the sofa. They looked much like robots in a factory; As close as they were to each other, they had little to no knowledge of each other's existance. You would think they were dead if it weren't for the blinking that kept their vision optimized and the breathing that kept their gears turning. Even like robots, they had programmed instructions that they were required to fulfill at certain times. During the actual show, they would hold hands and lay them in a somewhat relaxed position between his right leg and her left leg. In order for them to achieve this "somewhat relaxed" state, they would make sure that the tops of their hands were roughly 6 inches away from their knees. During commercial breaks, they did not need to hold hands, but were required to look into each other's eyes for at least 3 seconds, after which they would end this vision session with a "I love you." They attempted to have a mandatory amount of sincerity in their voices when first started, but it usually ended with frivolous bickering. So, they merely required that they say the words. given the two different states of intimacy that they were required, they didn't know whether to watch the shows that were plague-ridden with commercials or if they should watch documentaries with no commercials. Either way, they were rarely happy. Eventually, they ended up watching Cartoon Network because of the one commercial break in between two 12 minute cartoons. They found that to be most tolerable.

*Note to Reader* I'm really tired, so i'm simply going to wrap this up as fast as i can. Just so you are prepared.

But one day as they were in the middle of "Johnny Bravo", the husband, for no reason, simply looked at his wife. There was no commerical, nor was there one coming, but he looked none the less. He thought of whispering a sweet nothing into her ear, but she was so into the show, that he was afraid that he'd frighten her, and they would end up fighting. So, he turned back to the TV, to continue his requirement for the day. As he sighed at his sudden desire to express interest in his wife, she looked over at her husband and smiled. He didn't notice, but she looked none the less. she thought of whispering a sweet nothing into his ear, but was afraid that she upset him, and that they'd end up arguing. That was the last time that they'd look at their significant other in such a sincere way without the other knowing, because now they look at each other, and not alone.

By Me.
To You.
Hope You Like.