Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Say "Merry Christmas!" With Another Song (What Rhymes With "Time Machine"?)

Oh good golly, Molly G.
The perfect gift this year would be
A time machine.
Yes, a time machine.

Imagine everything I'd see
Watching all of history
With a time machine.
a polka-dotted time machine.

I could ride a dinosaur
And after time well spent,
I could dedicate a day
to each & every president.
Or better yet, I could pay my rent
On time
With a time machine.

Oh good golly, Molly G.
Would you please come fly with me
Through time
in a time machine.

Let Moses stop and part the Sea
As we float & look on safely
From a time machine.
My lovely time machine.

We could watch time from a faster flow
As the trees and lilies grow
Or we could take things slow
As the rain turns into snow.
But, really what i want to know
Is will you come with me
In my time machine?

Lets stop for the groom and bride
As they stand side by side
And look into each others eyes
At a future which will be just fine
And let them say their lines.

I must confess, Molly G.
That what i really want to be
With this time machine,
This gifted time machine

Is the man you needed who
Never did any wrong to you
Oh, I didn't mean
To need a time machine.

The hills will smile and sing along
While children play the fife.
A tune in time with perfect rhyme
to our perfect life
As we will be the man and wife
without a time machine
A stupid time machine.

Oh good golly, Molly G.
I'm sorry that we really
Need a time machine.
A necessary time machine...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So, how do you feel about me today?
Take a quarter.
Take your time.
Find your verdict with the face
Of a human or a beast.

I'm too tired to write a poem tonight because...

I recorded a song for a long time.

Here, you can listen to what has progressed of my wild song with the help of my friend, Aaron J. It could scare you... It will blow your mind.

(Note- after the "wait" is incomplete. styles are meant to change throughout the song. but you should get the gist... this person is on drugs...)

Sunday, December 21, 2008


my wisdom teeth pulling was postponed. but, i have LYRICS for my MUSICAL EXPERIENCE! it isn't really musical, and i don't know if i'd call it an experience, but it's a musical experience. here are the lyrics to an experience i've never had. but, i'll just make a response to how it really was.

Doctor Dear, My Wisdom, Please?

What do you smell?

I smell cherries...
Sweet peppermint cherries
With a twist of sunshine
And a dash of marzipan.


I smell strawberries.
Yes, this is strawberries.
Boy, I'm seeing strawberries.
cotton candy strawberry clouds.


Doctor Dear? Dear?
Dude, Doctor Dear?
Dude! What are you trying to pull?

"Why my child, your tooth, of course!"

Oh, my tooth... Oh My! my Tooth!
For sooth, my tooth is fine!
which tooth of mine?

"Why my child, the wisdom kind. Why, my child? do you mind?"

No, go ahead.

(musical break)

I feel gritty, oh so tickly
I feel tickly and bibbly and plight!
fa la blah da ga.
(bubble noise solo finish with opera girl voice)

"you mean 'pretty, oh so pretty.'"

Your a robot! you sound rather gay!

"yes I am, you see, I'm a doctor, see?
I'm happy i'm pulling your teeth!"

Oh NO!!!
my teeth!
what time, my teeth, must you be at school?

"Don't worry, no hurry, the school is raining drool
Classes are cancelled, see? are we getting...

A-long! along! along!
oh my we are getting along!
We're singing our songs on strawberry clouds
and we're all merrily singing

Along! along! along!
I forgot, dear, move it along!

I'm stuck in this whole!
I dont want to let go!

(Doctor and Me)
but you must, please, say goodbye!
good bye!
good bye!

I'll miss you, my wisdom, good bye!

Are we there yet?

you look like a walrus...

(the end)

Writer's Note- Wow... I'm suprised how fast this came out for not being on drugs and how much it sounds like an acid trip...

A Widow

My faucet has a leak.
I can hear the reminder
Landing in my ceramic sink
I have little to silence the alarm,
But I have half a bag of stale Oreos
And a carton of freshly-expired milk.
Will someone fix it?

My roof has a leak.
I can hear the reminder
Landing on my vinyl floor
I have little to silence the alarm,
But I have a 2 liters of Minute Maid lemonade
And a brand new conversation starter.
Will someone fix it?

My eyes have a leak.
I can hear the reminder
Landing on my velveteen skirt,
I have little to silence the alarm,
But i have a pair of somewhat celibate arms
And a hole in my heart big enough for one.
Will someone fix them?

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Friendly Reminder...

Prepare for a mind trip, as I am forcing myself to crank something out while under the effects of laughing gas and painkillers. you don't get that oppurtunity (legally) often...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Different Kind of Illusion

My Dear, may i have your affection, please?
Allow me to present a miracle or two...

Watch me take an awkward pause
and make the "kward" disappear
into the thin air we breath,
so that all that we can hear
is our contentment holding hands.

If I may borrow your beautiful brown eyes,
I'll turn a slight glance from across the room
to something a little more intimate,
a place where your iris can bloom
and that we may dance between each others gaze.

Next, I'd change a cat into a lion,
But I thought I'd do something impressive.
I believe i feel your knee resting on mine,
and with a gesture of charm, I'll bring alive
both our hands so they may rest where they belong.

Unfortunately, I left my top hat and cape
backstage next to where my confidence lies.
Don't worry though, I'll be back tomorrow
with lilies and rainbow-colored butterflies
spilling out my cuffs at your very own magic show.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A circus clown and chinese fireworks.

Putting on a tie to keep me down,
but it's doing it's job too well.
Can I untie this knot from my chest?

"Of course not! You know what happened last time..."
The Rabbit in the corner says as he helps me put on my vest.

Oh I do!
my taped-together heart remembers the last time
I let it fall from it's cage,
Its cursed, constricting cage.

Attaching my pocket watch,
the time tells me it's time
to make a wish.

I make the same wish...

just like i did the last time
the watch told me the time
7 minutes ago.
(I believe my wish is broken)

The Rabbit slaps my somber "smile" with my gloves...
"Get it together, you have a show to do!"
Smiling, he slips his "gentle reminder" onto my hand.

My platonic marriage meets me,
letting my hands sweat like hers.
(My reaction is emotional, hers is natural)

as I lead her to the party,
her clammy hand on mine,
the liquid leaking past the lace
reminds me why
she's the center of my affection.

Writer's note - you shouldn't get it. this is my personal "tie removal" if you do get it, well... impressive.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Rain Will Come Again

The Cast
The Husband
A lover with a wife on the side.

The Wife
A victim oblivious to the affair.

The Mannequin
An audience in plastic skin who sees what the Wife can’t see.

The Whore
A cigarette with a dash of apathy.

The Foreshadowing
The sky is welling up.
This is definitely a tragic affair.

The Story
The Husband stands outside the department store window.
His love in one hand and his wife in the other,
He kisses his insatiable iniquity as he draws the Wife close.
His adulterous hold sickens the Mannequin,
An audience in a floral dress.
The window keeps the Mannequin from speaking,
So she watches a betrayal unfold
In silence.

The Wife loves the Husband more than anything.
With every breath taking her further away,
She exhales to bring them closer.

The Husband wishes he can say the same.
With each drag of his nicotine whore,
He holds the sin in.

The Wife, in a familiar floral fabric,
Prays for a little of the affection.
So, he tucks his love where it belongs,
Behind her back.

The Mannequin, in the same floral fabric,
Prays for a little animation.
Yet she remains unmoved
and holds back the tears until the sky cries first.

The Wife doesn't see the Mannequin's face,
She's blinded by the shoulder of her husband.
But the Husband sees the downcast expression.

The sky can't hold back the tears anymore.
The forecast didn't call for evening misery...

The Husband sees the tears of the Mannequin
Falling down her face on the department store window.
Conviction too strong for love, he drops his lust
And holds his wife a little tighter.
His eyes apologize to the Mannequin's,
But are left unforgiven.

The Husband and the Wife leave the scene of guilt.
And the Mannequin is left with the sight of a used stick of love,
An ember still glowing where the whore was left unkissed.

The Epilogue

On the Husband’s back patio,
He and the Whore sit pleasured and satisfied,
Shaded from the crying eyes of the sky.
As a fool in a floral fabric dreams of her

Writer's Note- This is the original format i wished to use, but I found it a tad too... avant garde for my poetry class.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I L*ve You

An embrace between his and her concealment,
the sound of avowal caught behind their teeth.
The willow trees keep their secret obscure
In a place where release is left unsung.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Rain Will Come

The sky is welling up.
This is definitely a tragic affair.

The Husband stands outside the department store window.
His love in one hand and his wife in the other,
He kisses his insatiable iniquity as he draws the Wife close.
His adulterous hold sickens the Mannequin,
An audience in a floral dress.
The window keeps the Mannequin from speaking,
So she watches a betrayal unfold
In silence.

The Wife loves the Husband more than anything.
With every breath taking her further away,
She exhales to bring them closer.

The Husband wishes he can say the same.
With each drag of his cannabis whore,
He holds the sin in.

The Wife, in a familiar floral fabric,
Prays for a little of the affection.
So, he tucks his love where it belongs,
Behind her back.

The Mannequin, in the same floral fabric,
Prays for a little animation.
Yet she remains unmoved
and holds back the tears until the sky cries first.

The Wife doesn't see the Mannequin's face,
She's blinded by the shoulder of her husband and her eyelids.
But the Husband sees the downcast expression.

The sky can't hold back the tears anymore.
The forecast didn't call for evening misery...

The Husband sees the tears of the Mannequin
Falling down her face on the department store window.
Conviction too strong for love, he drops his lust
And holds his wife a little tighter.
His eyes apologize to the Mannequin's,
but are left unforgiven.

The Husband and the Wife leave the scene of guilt.
And the Mannequin is left with the sight of a used stick of love,
An ember still glowing where the whore was left unkissed.
But the cannabis whore is not worried,
She knows he'll come back for more when the Wife goes to sleep.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Yuck (I'm a Liar)

She is gross.

Her cubby next to mine,
her poop-brown pigtails smell like a cat's butt.

As we enter the cafeteria, I swear
she farted, Mrs. Johnson, it wasn't me.

A dead fish sandwich from a princess lunch box
make me gag as her lips surround a wonder bread coffin.

A lunch recess and the thought of her
help me vomit the color of her dress.

her hideous laugh makes me cringe
as the sound comes out of perfect pearls.

Four-squares become one when she gallops by,
Playing "Ponies" on playground pavement and grassy hills.

Her name haunts me just thinking of it.
Rosanne Vavrosky, ugly and stupid..

A button nose on her face,
running like her "Alice in Wonderland" shoes.

wiping the snot from her nose, I must confess
I love the button nose on her pretty face...

She is gross.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


this is for the fans...

I just finished "The Cloud Rabbit and Not-So-Cloud Sheep". all it took was telling it "freestyle". so, while it's not at it's finest, this is it. raw. this is for the readers. tell your children...

Evan: want me to tell you the story?

i already have a majority of it

Samantha: ..yes

since it is a kid story


once upon a sky

there was a cloud rabbit roaming the sky

he was a happy cloud rabbit

but was lonely since, there were no clouds around

it being a near perfect day and all

as it played around in the sky, it became rather tired and spotted a patch of cloud grass

it even had a smoggy green tint to it

so the cloud rabbit took a bite...

and coughed and coughed

gagging on the smog that he'd taken a bite of

quite lonely and hungry

he looked down to find a beautful green hill with clouds flocking

he thought "oh! food and friends!"

so after much thought, he decided to leave his sky to the sky below

when he got down there, he found the clouds to be not-so-cloud sheep

they were grazing and looked up to be quite confused by the sight of the cloud rabbit

"who are you" they asked

"I'm a cloud, like you" the cloud rabbit replied

"you aren't like us," they retorted. "you have big ears and your legs are a lot thicker than ours."

"oh," the cloud rabbit said. "well, can i play with you guys?"

"i don't know..." they said. "you aren't really one of us, and we aren't allowed to play with animals that aren't like us."

this made the cloud rabbit very sad..

so, the cloud rabbit began to cry

and you and I both know that when clouds cry, they rain tears..

after many tears have ran down the cloud rabbit's face, he noticed his ears grew a lot smaller

and his legs became a lot thinner..

after the cloud rabbit saw his reflection in a puddle of his tears, he stopped crying..

because he noticed he looked EXACTLY like his not-so-cloud friends

the not-so-cloud sheep noticed this, and said, "wait a minute.. maybe you are one of us..

"would you like to play with us?" they asked

this made the cloud rabbit very happy.

"of course!" the cloud rabbit exclaimed

so, the now not-so-rabbit cloud and not-so-cloud sheep roamed the field on the now perfect day

not a cloud in the sky

they played many games

they ran and hopped in the flowers of the not-so-rabbit cloud's favorite sky

he never wanted to leave this beautiful place

after playing for the whole day, it was becoming nighttime

the not-so-cloud sheep started to yawn.

but as we know, there is no such thing as night and day to a cloud

"why are you yawning?" the not-so-rabbit cloud asked.

"because we are tired from playing all day and must sleep during the night" they replied

"ok," the not-so-rabbit cloud sighed. "can we play tomorrow?"

"Certainly." they replied

"ok, good night!" said the not-so-rabbit cloud

"good night!" said the not-so-cloud sheep

so, the not-so-rabbit cloud went back up to the sky and waited for the sun to come back

he was so excited to play with his new friends he had made!

as the night went on, the not-so-rabbit cloud heard a light calling to him...

"RABBIT...Rabbit...rabbit..." the light echoed

"Is that"

"Who is it?" the not-so-rabbit cloud shouted back.

"It's" the light responded, much closer than before.

"OH!" the not-so-rabbit cloud exclaimed.

he turned and saw his good friend, Gayle, smiling at him

"Gayle! how are you!" the not-so-rabbit cloud asked. he was excited to see his favorite star.

"I'm alright..." the star replied.

"what's wrong?" he replied.

"not much, It's just i'm the only star out tonight and it's quite lonely up here." she said.

"I'm sorry," the not-so-rabbit cloud comforted. "I had a lonely day as well, but I made some wonderful friends today!"

"Really?" Gayle asked. "does this have anything to do with your new appearance? you are missing your ears and your legs are thinner..."

"oh yes!" the not-so-rabbit cloud remembered, then went on to tell Gayle about his adventure that day, from the disgusting cloud grass to the not-so-cloud sheep to his raindrop tears to the beautiful flowers.

"well well.." the star said. "you seem to be quite busy.."

"oh, i was!" he said. "and we are going to play tomorrow"

and as the not-so-rabbit cloud said this, the sun started to creep over the hills he had become so fond of.

"oh i'm sorry!" he said, "but I must be going! my friends are waiting to play with me."

"oh, it's fine.." Gayle replied. "Go have fun. I'll just be right here... As i always am..." Gayle sighed

but it was too late

the not-so-rabbit cloud had fled to his playground to meet with his friends

"Hello, everyone!" the not-so-rabbit cloud exclaimed. he was very happy to see everyone again.

"Hello!" the not-so-cloud sheep responded.

"Hey! we are going to go to the lake and swim, are you coming?" they asked

"I'd be delighted!" the not-so-rabbit cloud said

had never been to "a lake" before

he didn't even know what one was!

but, he followed the not-so-cloud sheep to the lake none the less

after seeing the lake, it reminded him of the puddles his tears make, but that didn't seem to stop the cloud from enjoying his time

as they all leaped into the lake, the not-so-cloud sheep started to stare at the not-so-rabbit cloud..

"what's wrong?" the cloud asked.

"what happened to your ears?" they responded.

the cloud looked into the lake to find his ears were back, and larger than ever!

"I don't know!" the cloud rabbit said..

he was frightened

not only was he... but so were his "friends"

the not-so-cloud sheep started to swim away from the cloud rabbit

this made the cloud rabbit very sad.

why were his friends leaving him?

was it only because of his ears?

were they the source of their fear, or was it because he didn't look like him

this made the cloud rabbit cry much more than before

but, he wasn't losing his ears like he thought he would.

little did he know that the lake kept him much like his normal self

after finding little joy in swimming in his tears, he headed back to the sky to sigh and reflect on his "lovely" adventures with his not-so-cloud sheep "friends"

as he sat in the sky, a sweet light whispered in his ear...

"what's wrong?"

after a long sigh, the cloud rabbit replied.

"I just lost my friends..."

"I'm sorry," Gayle said, giving the cloud rabbit a soft, warm, embrace.

"If it's anything," Gayle sighed, "I've been alone for a while as well."

"most of the stars are around during the day, but i am

"then why are you here?" the cloud rabbit asked.

"because I am your friend," the star said. "and I enjoy your company and playing with you."

this made the cloud rabbit very happy...

yet very sad...

"Why didn't I just spend my time with Gayle? She loved me and was my friend even when I was a cloud rabbit..." he thought to himself

"I will never leave you again..." the cloud rabbit told her.

and from that day on, they never left each others company

and that's why sometimes... during the night sky,

you can see a single cloud and a star dancing together

because they have eachother

and love eachother very much...


the end

Samantha: :):) awwwww(WWWWWW)!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Cliche Kid

I'm the Cliche Kid.

Roll out the red carpet,
The creme de la creme is here
to sing you to sleep with sweet lullabies;
a different kind of music to your ears.

I'm a winning combination of pen and paper.
In my profession, ignorance is bliss,
and I'm here to "hear" your comments and concerns
so I can put them on my "To Do" list.

Can you hear the angels sing?
They are singing my songs,
written for queens and kings
of royal thrones and ancient legacies.

Watch me wave my magic wand.
This isn't the same old song and dance.
I speak original material off the top of my head.
You must be seeing things, I'm not that redundent.

Can you wrap your mind around my brilliance?
you hear the words coming out of my mouth,
but are you just smiling and nodding?
All I say is give genius a chance

Get it?

Probably not. After all...
I am the Cliche Kid.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guilt Sinks In

A leather booth harbors something ruttish,
My vanity accentuated by a two tone suit and vest.
Across the blur, I spot sex in Sunday's best.
Smothering a cigarette, I have a lust to extinguish.

A Pair of Legs follows my hand to the floor.
Pride diminishes as we step "in time".
Compassion dripping down their thigh
They smiled, but in a place I didn't see before...

Fixation follows their form to her face.
How could they distract me from her beauty?
Her cordial spirit spoke, "My name is Lindsey."
Her name shook conviction into it's place.

The Christ within condemns my sin,
As my canonical guilt sinks in...

(Writer's note- I hope people make the connection between this and the haiku, "My Name is Lindsey", since the haiku is a prequel that says the same thing as this in a far more subtle and unrecognizable way. hope you take something away from it.)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Haiku week...

you know how if you buy an album on iTunes, you get an extra song not on the CD? This post is kinda like that.. My poetry class is reading these, except you get an extra suprise, simply because I love you guys.

"My Name is Lindsey"
On the ballroom floor,
A Pair of Legs are swaying,
Calling me to Them.

That's Odd...

Good afternoon, Moon.
You're more pale than usual.
Is that natural?

The Bonus Track

A three year old song,
playing over in my head,
For the past three years...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Creature Without a Heart

Cuddling in a comforter,
My sheep approach the fence for roll call.

But a noise shot the sheep...

"Who's there?" I whimper.

The Creature Without a Heart,
Clawing on the closet door,
Banging and begging , "Let me free from my cursed cage!"

Fear prevented me from answering,
Fear that my only protection was a comforter and parental reassurance.

"You are not real."
(so they tell me)

Cackling in the prison cell,
The Creature Without a Heart sneered with sound,
Beckoned with his breathe, and taunted me,
"Let me out and prove it..."

Fear transformed.
A slaughtered herd in my mind.
By their blood-stained fleece,
I had too many sleepless nights.

"Fine! I'm coming for you."

The Creature Without a Heart covered his mouth,
(He didn't mean to squeal)

With no comforter, I approached the Creature.
My heart larger than his empty chest,
I opened his gate to a familiar sight,
Corduroys, my favorite jeans, and button-up shirts.

Heartless Creature
I didn't know you were lacking a spine as well...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Magic to Magick

Stop laughing.

Your sunset smile will kick in soon enough.

The joy you are feeling is merely an imbalance;
It will bring you to your knees when you fall
from that glorious throne you've climbed so
to achieve.

Drink it slowly
Chew before you swallow
Let the Magic's juices drown your foolish tongue
in utter ecstasy.

The doll in the corner felt the same way as you
before she lost her stuffing;
Before her voice box fell out.
Now, her sweet cinnamon hair covers the sunset smile
you never wished to see.

But you don't care,
because you can't stop laughing.


Stop laughing.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

*Nostalgia in Unfamiliar Territory* (that isn't the title)

I'm providing a "sneak peek" to the people who read this because, apparently, more people than i know read these. it's just so hard to tell when my words lack responses, not that i care. FYI- this is "my work" at its rawest form. only a few lines of inspiration. so, if you keep your eyes pealed on this, you can probably figure out how i come up with all this.

I've found my childhood
in a place I haven't been.
Electronic vanilla doesn't welcome me
nor the ancestor smile through a glass prison.

The Reluctent Dragon is smiling at me,
but he's not faking this performance.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I spent an hour and a half in the CAD lab, and all I got to show for it is this 3D Lollipop I made..

*Insert No Sound*

I know you are here,
Here just happens to be There.

Our diction has grown...
repetitive, to say the least,
from the hours we have spent "together"
on the corner of Electric and Connection.

The Black beckons me to bed,
but the Silence keeps me here,
Holding hands through a phone line.

A sound gets so far.
A breath says so much.
We have found intimacy thirty-seven miles away.

I hear nothing,
And I like the sound of that.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I "Hate" These "Awful" Memories

She entered the room,
A haunting aroma of a stench I once knew
(And She was smelling as sweet as ever.)
Each breath brought the fume deeper into my lungs.
(How I longed each inhale)
I turned to face Her...


My Nose deceived me.
I'm glad it wasn't her (but, I'm not...)

Dear Eyes,

I have come to inform you that as of now, you should see at least one poem a week from me due to my class requirments. I figure if I am writing them, you might as well read them.

The Writer

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Look What I Found...

This is something I wrote awhile ago and I thought it might please my readers to post this story that I started roughly a year ago. Trust, I have a lot more to this story in my mind, I have deep characters with, what i find, interesting relationships and backstories, but I don't know exactly how to communicate it, so I'll work on it when i get to it, which is probably the wrong approach. None the less, here is the start of what i'm hoping to be a great story of inspiration and realization for both the reader and the protagonist.

The Writer,
Rabbit O'hare

As Ben walked into what would turn out to be the looniest place he ever been, he couldn’t realize that everything he would see would later help define who he would later become. It wouldn’t necessarily forge his destiny, but it would be a mirror of what he needed to see to become who he needed to be.

Ben walked towards the house whose location isn’t entirely known, but is said to be surrounded by trees of surpassing beauty. Lush green hills were also bountiful. However, the one hill in the region that didn’t look like the others was the exact hill that the house stood on. It’s wasn’t that it was different, it was just dead, covered with equal patches of dead grass and dirt. As strange as that sounds, there was one patch of grass that was greener than any one blade of grass in the entire country. The patch upon closer inspection looked like an “H” or an “M”. it looked more like an “H”, except that the middle section was more crooked like an “M”. Ben dismissed this little patch for the time being, but he knew that he would later come back to that spot, whether it would be by force, contemplation, or curiosity.

Ben knocked on the door to the house, and prepared for either the best or worst experience of his life. He received a letter from an unnamed source asking to take care of this estate since the owners had recently died from a horrible fever. Considering that Ben now had no job after being laid off from his job due to outsourcing and having no family left, nor any friends, he figured he had nothing left to do. After all, He was being paid to essentially live in the middle of nowhere, which is practically what he was doing to begin with. He thought about who would be in the house and what type of human would open the door. The letter merely said that there were residents currently inhabiting the house and that resources would be sent every Tuesday to the location. After contemplating all the events leading to this place, he realized that he had been sitting in front of the door for roughly 2 minutes, and he hadn’t heard a sound come from inside. Not being much of a patient man, Ben assumed that no one was home, and opened the door. Right after opening the door, he was greeted by a lady sitting in a recliner who was watching television. She leaned forward in her chair and shouted in excitement, “Wesley? Is that you?!” The voice seemed so excited that all the words sort of slurred into one large word. Ben could see that she really wished to stand up and greet him, but she look as if the program was almost more important than the fact they had company.

“I’m sorry, but my name is Ben Carrington. I’m here to help take care of this home.” Ben replied.

“She can’t hear you,” said a timid voice from a wing bat chair facing the television, “She can’t hear anyone.” Those were the last words the wing bat chair would speak for a long time. Suddenly, a wheel chair rolled in from the dining area that was straight ahead of the doorway. Sitting in the wheel chair was a man in his boxer wearing a bandana with skulls and cross bones strewn about. The man appeared to be missing a leg, until Ben realized the man was sitting on his left leg as though he wanted to look like he was really missing his leg.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"...To You"

I dropkicked a Pinata today.
I did not apologize; I did not mend his wounds.
I let him lay in pieces on the soft, green thorns.

It started as a lynching.
But the event turned sour as his blood smelled sweeter.
I was the Berserker the Army sent to end him.
I let the rod in my hand beat him until the noose snapped free.

He laid on the asphalt,
His clown eyes met mine,
And his clown mouth would not stop smiling at me.

The Army grabbed the prisoner to protect him.
"We must keep in good sport," they told me.
But I did not listen.

The Pinata Must Bleed.

I poked and prodded the Pinata,
Each strike driving deeper into his flesh,
But he would not bleed.

I threw the creature to the ground.
His blood was now starting to show it's true colors.
The Army could smell it's sweetness,
And they wanted it.

They brought him to me and cheered,
begging me to finish preparing their meal.
I held the Pinata in my hands,
And even though his arm was missing and he could no longer walk,
His head hanging by a flap of cardboard skin,
He would not stop smiling at me.

I dropkicked the Pinata.
I did not apologize; I did not mend his wounds.
I let him lay in pieces on the soft, green thorns.

The Army applauded and smiled, gorging on the innards of the prey.
As the blood of the slaughtered ran down their chin,
They erupted in a resounding anthem, but i only heard two words...

"Happy Birthday..."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Are These Thoughts, or Is This Just My Imagination?"

Is there a difference between Sound and Noise? Personally, I find Noise to be imperfect; Rather bothersome with lack of harmony or rhythm to any of it's surrounding peers. Sound inspires me, always soothing me with it's beautifully abundant varieties. The best examples of what I'm saying would be when the Motor Vehicle is sick, the Doctor asks, 'What noise is it making?' In the Park, hearing the sound of children at play or the Wind whistling through the Trees often pulls one to ease from the noise of the city.

But, then I think... What if Noise is merely premature Sound? Perhaps when we listen to noise, it wasn't ready to be heard (Or possibly, we weren't ready to hear it)? Maybe Noise just needs to find it's voice, so it may speak in clearer consciousness what it was truly meaning to say. But since Noise is so young, it doesn't know where to look to find it's voice. Which makes me think, maybe Noise and Sound aren't so different. Perhaps Sound is Noise that found it's harmony and rhythm and knows how to express it.

But where did Noise find harmony and rhythm? Nothing spontaneously changes in neither in Chaos or Harmony without intervention. It takes two things to create change things. Maybe Sound is stretched Noise, altered to a Controller's will, but that wouldn't create harmony if It is forced into a state of unwanted cooperation. I purpose that Sound is Noise that has found it's complimentary Noise, that Noise has found it's voice in another peer; That when Noise finds another noise that harmoniously fuses with it, they mate and mature drastically into something as lovely as Sound because all they needed is each other to find their true potential and beauty.

Sometimes I feel like Noise. Quite imperfect, bothersome at times, a lot like most of the World; Without rhythm or harmony. But maybe I'd feel a lot less like Noise if I knew how to love and find harmony in the Noise around me, so the whole World would sound a little sweeter. But, what I really want is to find that one Noise that will complete me, help me mature, and compliment me in every way, because I don't want to be Noise that's finding it's Voice; I want to be Sound that's found it's Voice.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Death Bed is the Floor of My Savior's House (Save Me)

Lying on the icy tiles,
Having a little more
Of what doctor prescribed.

"You should be dead before the wait is over."

I just didn't know the staff was so helpful.
They let me take in the medication
Through the cracks of my linoleum bed.
They must be waiting for
My remission to relapse.
Don't worry, They'll check on me
When they finish their Vanity Fair.
Then, They will see
What it means to be
Forgotten, abandoned, and alone
By the sound of a silent groan and the sight of a lifeless blouse
As I died on the floor of My Savior's House.

*For Esmin Green. May it Never. Happen. Again.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Think This Is How I Feel

Have you ever wanted to sing a song,
But the words wouldn't come out?
That you wish you could shout
and the words are simply profound,
Followed closely by celestial sound?

No Idea

No Melody

Tonight isn't my night to tell a story...

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Cloud Rabbit and Not-So-Cloud Sheep (Work-In-Progress)

Once upon a sky on a near perfect day, there lived a cloud rabbit. The cloud rabbit loved being a cloud rabbit; he could fly longer and higher than any bird could without ever getting tired and was never confined to any sort of restricting space except space itself. Unfortunately for the cloud rabbit, he knew that a near perfect day meant that he'd be the only one in the sky; All the cloud badgers and cloud turtles had gone home, waiting for another day to come out and play. The cloud rabbit frolicked for most of the morning, but soon became bored with the lack of opportunities that come with being alone. After drifting for a short while, he came about the prettiest green cloud he'd ever seen, considering it was the only green cloud he'd ever seen. Now, it is known to most that green clouds are a tad... smoggy, but the cloud rabbit was naive enough that whatever he didn't recognize, he wanted to eat. He took a bite from cloud grass and only a few moments later realized how terrible it tasted, spitting and coughing out whatever would come out. The cloud rabbit sighed at his tremendous amount of misfortune he had experienced through out his day and became so sad that he wanted to cry. However, every good cloud knows that you must not cry, or else you will lose a part of yourself and it may never come back. As the cloud rabbit contemplated his dilemma, he looked down at the sky of another kind and saw rolling green hills with "clouds" grazing, each looking quite content with it's patch of sky. The cloud rabbit watched for a while and thought, "I should go down there and taste some of that grass..."

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Lady At The Masquerade (You Don't Belong Here)

In A Room of Red Dresses, I picked
Was a pale, fainting blue.
Nothing more than a picnic dress.
Defiance of the most humble kind.

As the Red Dresses scoffed behind their painted ceramic masks,
You held composure and pride in what you had and who you were.

I liked that.

While the Red Dresses spoke Hyena to you,
They "accidentally" spilled their glass of jealousy over your elegant "rags"
But, the blood of your social slaying didn't hinder or cannibalize you;
You refilled her glass.

I loved that.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

what rhymes with gone?

The sun is setting
I'm done betting
It definately ain't coming back.

down is the sun
it's done
no more fun
for this sun of a gun.

the moon is late
still on her date

she isn't coming, is she?
but if sun or moon won't be
as i sit atop this belfry
will this mystery
ever leave me?

Burn me, sun
or freeze me, moon.
just don't leave me here
to bathe in this lone tear.

i need you
i don't care what you do
hit me
hug me
curse me
coddle me
just be near
so i can hear
with my own ear
that you are here

i'm a broken toy
a crushed joy
don't be coy
you speak far too faint
to peel anymore paint
from the dainty frame.
i now have no shame
it floats in the bay
where we used to play

it was only yesterday...

please don't throw me away...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

List of Lily's Loopies

1.) Don't offer a sweater or jacket (scarfs ok)
2.) Don't whisper in her ear
3.) Analogies are a bad idea
4.) Puns are a worse idea
5.) Cream roses are the best. White roses are awful (there is a HUGE difference)
6.) Don't touch her face. She's far too ticklish.
7.) Quotes are incredibly not personal - therefore not real.
8.) "Go Away!" doesn't really mean go away, especially when you are in the middle of The Ghetto around midnight.
9.) She's afraid of heights.
10) "She's Always a Woman" by Billy Joel is "basically her favorite song..."
11.) You can't win. It's not allowed.
12.) How's it going to end?
13.) (Like this)...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Song of Sheer Impulse

Want to walk?
We can talk.
Give me a mile to make you smile.

The sun's setting.
There's no telling
If the church bell sounds our end as well.

Don't you want to know if this is over
Or if this light is simply our chauffeur

I know I do...

Should we be moving this bookend?
Will this tail chasing ever end?
I see a fat lady, but she ain't singing
and I see some pigs, but they ain't winging
that's why i won't stop bringing lyrics to your door
Do you want more?
Do you want more?

I know I do...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Heart has a Stutter My Tongue Can't Articulate

I went sailing today
Where circles never felt so straight.
The rubber was my sails
And the pavement was my sea.
The sky was my speakers;
And the stars sang its song
All reason was lost
And not bid adieu
For when did logic
Appreciate nonsensical company?
Reality will never make a home
For such a delightful ship;
Making an undelightful docking
For a vessel of dreams.

Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Almost Embarassed to Put This Up...

"The Very Rough Version of Captain Moon and the All-Star Parade"
By Me.

Cheer up, Charlie; don't lie in your tears.
The day is gone, let the night calm your fears.
I know the day's hold can make you weep,
but come with me and laugh yourself to sleep.

I'm Captain Moon, come out and play.
Escape the darkness and grim of the day.
Let all the sickness and sadness fade,
And march in my All-Star Parade.

March to the beat of the man with the cane.
We will not leave you 'til the end of our reign.
When the day returns to haunt, lead by the sun.
But when his time ends, we'll be back for more fun.


Join in and play, we need a good chime,
Step with the drummers, and keep in good time.
Watch the dancers leap and fly by,
Now, my friend, you're a diamond in the sky


Dance with me, Please don't flee. Remember now, you're one of us.
Day's not here, have no fear, Remember now, you're one of us


Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Story From Different Mediums

"Adopt Me? Adopt Us?"

Help me.
Help us.
We can’t breathe.
This torturous bubble surrounds us, taunting and teasing with the view of beauty;
Restricting movement, preventing our escape.

My mother left me.
Our mother left us.
She was young, that is all we know,
Judging from the small straps that held us lovingly and cruelly to her back.
And how carelessly she abandoned us for better things.

Why didn’t she keep me in her arms?
Why didn’t she keep us in her arms?
Didn’t she love us that much?
I think not.
I wish it weren’t so.

I am small.
We are small.
Both Brown, but of different shades,
Like brothers of different mothers,
Never doing what she did to us.

Will you be my mother?
Will you be our mother?
I will love you.
We will love you,
But don’t you leave us.

-Michael Evan Adent

"The Prologue"

I was walking through a damp, wet park one cold, early morning in Cannon Beach, OR when a man working there asked me, "do you want these?" he had in his hand a clear prison, with a yellow frame around it's childish geometry, and 2 matching yellow straps hanging from the back. Some call it a "backpack", but those of untainted perspective know it as "A Prison For The Inanimate." Inside, clearly exhibited inside were its 2 prisoners; a brown bear and a tan bear, each filled with the false, white, fluffy love that their former owner given them, and each slightly deflated from the harsh reality they were living. I felt some slight relief knowing that neither were alone, but still sorrow for their sad fate. "What about their owner?" I asked, believing that the jailkeeper cared enough for it's inmates to come back for them, but he responded to my dissatisfaction, "Look, if you don't take them, I'm throwing them away." That made my heart shutter at the thought of 2 innocent creatures being executed, and their only crime being the inability to hug a person back. i grabbed the bag from the man, like the protective mother bear i am. the man said, "have a nice day!" and i amused him, saying with all the strength i had, "you too." when i left the man's sight, i quickly grabbed the 2 from their cell, held them in my arms and sighed, "I'm sorry you were left." Not knowing how else to comfort them, i embraced them, trying to bring them worth to their near worthless existence. and in that embrace, i felt something no one will ever feel from them... a soft... but detectable... embrace...

-Michael Evan Adent

"The Author's Notes"

While some creative
License was taken, I swear
All is true as life.

-Michael Evan Adent

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Go to a carnival.
win win win that goldfish
just so we can let it go.

meet a mime
make him break
we will all laugh until people come

buy cheap toys
play with them until our laughs turn to tears
then give them to a child to watch their tears turn to laughs

drive with no purpose
singing songs we wish to sing
stopping for what we wish

we won't stop for reason,
but only for smiles and imagination,
until it becomes nine in the afternoon,
that's your curfew.

that is the adventure i wanted
so far, yet so far.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Robot Parents Make Clockwork Easy

They've been married for 30 years.

If their story is anything to base anything on, Love is a lot like clockwork. When little else but passion matters, time does nothing but transcribe the actions of that passion. But as passion fades, so does the need for time to follow that passion. If I may, the "Watch" Dog goes from being walked to the walker, carrying all those that hang to its leash into the great unknown. That is what has happened to these lovers. They went to a marriage counselor after noticing their awfully silly and trifle arguments grew in number and insignificance. The counselor suggested that they increase the amount of "intimacy" that they shared between eachother. As little as they valued the counselor or his advice, they decided to try his suggestion. So everyday at 8 PM, they would watch TV and sit next to each other quite snugly, but not necesarrily lovingly, on the sofa. They looked much like robots in a factory; As close as they were to each other, they had little to no knowledge of each other's existance. You would think they were dead if it weren't for the blinking that kept their vision optimized and the breathing that kept their gears turning. Even like robots, they had programmed instructions that they were required to fulfill at certain times. During the actual show, they would hold hands and lay them in a somewhat relaxed position between his right leg and her left leg. In order for them to achieve this "somewhat relaxed" state, they would make sure that the tops of their hands were roughly 6 inches away from their knees. During commercial breaks, they did not need to hold hands, but were required to look into each other's eyes for at least 3 seconds, after which they would end this vision session with a "I love you." They attempted to have a mandatory amount of sincerity in their voices when first started, but it usually ended with frivolous bickering. So, they merely required that they say the words. given the two different states of intimacy that they were required, they didn't know whether to watch the shows that were plague-ridden with commercials or if they should watch documentaries with no commercials. Either way, they were rarely happy. Eventually, they ended up watching Cartoon Network because of the one commercial break in between two 12 minute cartoons. They found that to be most tolerable.

*Note to Reader* I'm really tired, so i'm simply going to wrap this up as fast as i can. Just so you are prepared.

But one day as they were in the middle of "Johnny Bravo", the husband, for no reason, simply looked at his wife. There was no commerical, nor was there one coming, but he looked none the less. He thought of whispering a sweet nothing into her ear, but she was so into the show, that he was afraid that he'd frighten her, and they would end up fighting. So, he turned back to the TV, to continue his requirement for the day. As he sighed at his sudden desire to express interest in his wife, she looked over at her husband and smiled. He didn't notice, but she looked none the less. she thought of whispering a sweet nothing into his ear, but was afraid that she upset him, and that they'd end up arguing. That was the last time that they'd look at their significant other in such a sincere way without the other knowing, because now they look at each other, and not alone.

By Me.
To You.
Hope You Like.