Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Mellow Drama

(RABBIT O'HARE exits stage left as GERARD crosses to down-center. GERARD's clothes are tattered from RABBIT's torrent of "tearing down" discouragement. GERARD stands, sucking in air through his hands which cover his mouth. Slowly dropping to a kneel, he loses strength and falls back on his backside, simply sitting and sighing, a few thoughts before tears.)

GERARD: Why do you do this to me all the time? We are near antonymous in character, but we are one. I see the visions of my piteous melancholy from your eyes, but I know you witness your own malicious spite through mine. The pain you provide may not be physical, but it sinks deeper than most bullets can drive, you belittling bard! you minstrel of malignity!

RABBIT O'HARE: (enters with a cup of tea in one hand and matching saucer in the other) Would you cease this rather worthless parade of baroque vocabulary? Honestly, Who are you attempting to impress? It is only you and I, and I am you. (RABBIT kneels beside him, setting his tea and saucer aside on the floor and starts to pull make up out of his sleeves, much like a magician) Put your hands down.

(GERARD looks into RABBIT's eyes with that same spite before dropping his hands for the "necessary" makeover.)

RABBIT O'HARE: Very good... (RABBIT begins laying the foundation on GERARD. GERARD never smiles throughout the process. RABBIT starts to put on the blush. RABBIT pauses briefly for a sip of tea.)

GERARD: This isn't going to help. My facade is practically transparent.

(RABBIT drops his tea near instantly, spilling onto the floor much like the way his rage will soon manifest. He turns and slaps GERARD firmly across the face, slightly smudging GERARD's makeup. RABBIT starts to mend the error as GERARD sits in silence.)

RABBIT O'HARE: Don't say that about yourself. That's my job. But you are right. You will look terrible if you continue on with that attitude. The crowd can see through these things easily if you let them, and as long as you don't make foolish remarks like that, all will be well. Now for the lips...

(RABBIT starts to apply the lipstick where he wants GERARD's lips to be, not necessarily where they are. GERARD's lips remain frowned as RABBIT continues to draw a smile on his face. He finishes up the eyebrows, eyes, rather quickly as he is more worried about making GERARD's smile appear authentic than the rest of his face.)

RABBIT O'HARE: There... Now... Smile!

(GERARD sits still frowning, but his face gives the indication of happiness from RABBIT's excellent makeup work.)

RABBIT O'HARE: (smacks GERARD on the back of his head.) I know you are smiling already, you addlepate. But how about you smile as if I weren't around?

(GERARD remains briefly, then grins so that his face becomes a caricature of

RABBIT O'HARE: Fantastic! Now, go and make them wish for a little bit of that Heaven you found...


Sunday, April 26, 2009

What I Once Saw

The world was geometry,
Polygons patched together by
Someone greater than I.

The people were androids,
Initiating apathetic responses from
My apathetic approach.

The colors were there,
But not alive like the flowers
they occupied.

The clouds were missing
The shapes they held back when
I could swing so high.

The stars were asymmetrical.
A beautiful blanket of dots,
But lacking alignment.

My imagination was frightening
-ly dull as all I once saw
were polygons, androids, dots and
blotches of gray blotting spots of blue

But who knew
that who made this view
could provide clarity to me
If I would only open my eyes and see.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Des Amis Au Début

It ended with silence.
It started with sound.
A symphonic grace played from
The timpani roll and trumpet solo.
A poise seldom told by a fragrance
So sweet between the scene they occupy.

The show has ended.
Insert the epilogue.

They start their laughing,
applause and blushing.
As darting eyes finally meet,
A thought so soft says,
"Hello, my confidant."

Monday, April 6, 2009

"Validated" Vindication

You're hurtin', that's for certain.
The shots rang while insults sang
from the tongue and Thompson
of a repeat offender.
This isn't a sanctioned sin and
God does not approve of this message.
Don't worry, I know. Oh I know...

It's not enough to have the blood and spit
on your favorite coat from the throat he slit
While you are so simply expected to quit.
You've been hit and your skin is split!
Stand up straight
Throw them your weight
It's only fair to hate what they create.

The glare that flares a "once more" rapport into wretched war...

The sound and spit has settled
the dust between your crosses and curses.
Air flowing out,
Air coming in,
Ok, we can breathe again.
And now I ask you...
Do you feel better now?
Did your gift receipt come in handy?
Is this bruise for bruise,
This lose for lose,
parting the clouds so you can say so loud,
"Oh, everything's just dandy"?
Because I thought I knew who the loser was
until his blood spilled as you waited for applause.
Now, I won't lie, I just see a tie.
Can we please press pause
there must be some flaws
emanating from my jaws...
After all, lets look at the scene.
Cause from what I've seen,
Neither are clean.
I see stains on both jeans.
I don't mean to demean, but this is obscene,
like 2 thirteen year old hate machines.
I can't see why i should stay,
I'm beginning to fray
From frustration.
I'm going to walk away.
Do you have anything to say?